We provide dental hygiene services to older adults and people with special needs in a variety of settings in Washington State: long term residential facilities, adult family homes, group homes, private residences, and in senior centers. We bring our care to you - conveniently and affordably! 



Dental Hygiene Evaluations 

  • Head, Neck and Oral Cancer Screenings 
  • Evaluations of the Teeth and Gums 
  • Dental Disease Risk Assessments 
  • Medical and Dental History Updates 
  • Denture Evaluations and Cleaning 

Preventive & Therapeutic Services

  • Oral Infection Control 
  • Routine Dental Cleanings 
  • Therapeutic Dental Cleanings 
  • Fluoride Applications 
  • Tooth Sealants 
  • Desensitizing Teeth 

Educational Services

  • Personalized Oral Hygiene Instruction 
  • Nutritional Counseling 
  • Behavior Management 
  • Staff/Caregiver In-Service Trainings 

Referral Services 

  • Referral to Dentists for Dental Diagnosis and Treatment 
  • Referral to Other Health Care Providers 

What our clients say about us

"Anita's main asset is a very caring approach when performing hygienist duties on very challenging clients. She has a special gift with working with disabled adults, and understands their needs. During her time here, our residents have benefited greatly from her care."

- Joel T. Simonsen, Program Director

Helping Hands for the Disabled, Bellevue, WA

"Anita offers "in home" service to each client as approved by their guardian, on a quarterly basis. She magically works with the needs of our clients and has managed to charm a few who were too difficult for even the University of Washington D.E.C.O.D. (Dental Education in the Care Of the Disabled) program to manage. In addition to cleaning their teeth and applying fluoride, Anita shows the staff the techniques for continuing the care she has demonstrated. Anita has the ability to "reach" our clients with a gentle touch and loving care. If the client cannot tolerate a particular aspect of the care, she does not force or show impatience. The general reports we get from the majority of dentists who see the clients once a year is that their dental care has improved greatly. I can only recommend Anita's services highly as her standard is at that level and it shows in her care of our clients."
- Shirley Kinkade, RN, Director of health Services

Integrated Living Services, Kent, WA

"Thanks for providing such a wonderful service!"

-Sally Weisberg, owner
 Lake Crest Adult Family Home, Seattle, WA

"I have known Anita for many years in different situations. I have six adult family homes in Seattle; they are all homes for residents with dementia. Anita has come in to my homes with her mobile unit to provide dental hygiene services. Some of my residents can present with restless and difficult behaviors.  Anita always manages to complete her examinations and cleaning with minimal problems. Her calm and soothing manner – and of course her smile – are what win over my residents so they can relax and trust her.

I also have had Anita do trainings with my staff. They all clearly stated they had learned approaches that would make their work easier in trying to maintain the dental health of our residents.

Anita also spoke at the yearly conference for our state adult family home association, WSRCC. Her presentation at the conference was very well received by adult family home providers from around the state.

I highly recommend Anita for collaborating with you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at 206-819-7107"

-Janet Rhode, ARNP, MN
Owner/Evergreen Adult Family Homes 


In 2007, Anita and her colleague, Cyndi Newman, piloted two dental hygiene programs in Washington State. By the end of the pilot phase in 2009, there were 10 programs in the State, also operated by dental hygienists. The programs are called Smiles for Life, Senior Center Dental Access Programs. 

These programs provide preventive dental services and oral health care education to older adults in senior and community centers. They target people who are retired, on fixed incomes, and who do not have dental insurance. 

Our programs offer choices for professional dental care and the opportunity to stay connected to comprehensive dental care. Although hygienists in Washington State are lawfully authorized to practice independently from dentists, these programs are the connectors of the older adults to dentists in our communities who are willing to fix one tooth at a time when treatment is needed, and accept payments. 

In 2015 our senior center programs were recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as one of the top 10 innovative, preventive oral health programs for older adults in the nation. At this time we have approximately 50 of these programs throughout the State, and we are still the first state in the nation to offer these programs. 

What our clients say about us

  • “They took the time to explain things”.
  • “I truly support the dental hygienists. They should be able to reach out in the community and practice”. 
  • “Well done, gentle, professional”
  • “Great services for limited income seniors”
  • “Checks neck for lumps which others do not; special care that is provided”
  • “Very necessary, wonderful program”
  • “…as good as if done in a dental office”
  • “…treated well, laid out very clearly. Got what I needed!”
  • “Great people, friendly and concerned, treated fairly”
  • “Excellent work; impressed with the quality of work; excellent; very thorough, gentle. Would like the program to continue!”
  • "I was unable to get a cleaning done otherwise."


Q: How much does the cleaning cost?

A: Costs generally run from $85 to $150 per visit. 

Q: What does this include?

A: The appointment includes a head, neck and oral cancer screening, comprehensive oral health assessments, general health review, blood pressure check, routine or therapeutic dental cleaning, fluoride application and referral to a local dentist of clinic for treatment needs. 

Q: Do you accept dental insurances?

A: We do not bill insurance companies directly like dentist offices do. Instead, we provide an insurance claim form with our part filled in, that the customer can complete, sign and send to their insurance company for reimbursement of at least part of the payment to us.

Q: Do you accept Medicaid?

A: Most of our programs in Washington do accept Medicaid as payment for one cleaning per year, if the client has dental benefits.   

Q: Where are you located?

A: Hygienists have programs throughout Washington State. Check with your local senior center to find out if they have a program, or you can contact Bruce Bronoske, Program Manager at the Department of Health Dental Hygiene Program. His email is: bruce.bronoske@doh.wa.gov

Telephone: 360-236-4855.

Care Coordination

Contact Us

Ask if the facility already has a dental hygienist on contract providing dental services. If they do, great! Just contact that hygienist for arranging care. No hygienist on contract yet? Contact us for information on how we can care for you or your loved one. 

Complete and Sign Forms

The facility may have our ElderCare forms available for you to complete and sign. If not, contact us and we will mail or email you the forms. We will get the rest of the information we need from the facility. 

Doctor's OK

Sometimes people need an antibiotic to have their teeth cleaned. We need to ask your primary medical provider if you do. This information might change in the future so be sure to keep us updated. 


Once the paperwork is complete, we will contact you and the facility to include you or your loved one in our next scheduled clinic. 

We encourage family members to attend first visits for the support of our special patients!

Invoicing and Reports

Following our care we create a report with our findings and recommendations. We send this report with our invoice to you or your legal guardian, and send the report, minus the invoice, to the facility for their records. 


We do not bill insurance companies directly, except Medicaid. If you or your loved one has private dental insurance, we will include a claim form with our parts completed with our invoice. Complete, sign and date this claim form, and send it to the insurance company for reimbursement.