Classes, Consulting and Coaching



As a busy consultant, Anita has coached in-state and out-of-state hygienists and dentists about building their own businesses as direct providers. Anita's diversified practice-building experience helps put other providers on the fast track to success. 

She says:

"I learned most of my practice development lessons the slow, hard way. You don't need to waste any of your time making the same mistakes. Do it right the first time!" 

A general residential practice would include providing services in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, in boarding, adult family and group homes, and in private residences as permitted by dental hygiene and dental practice acts. 

Her consulting package for a provider who is interested in starting a general residential care practice is $1950. This consulting package includes one full-day intensive, plus 5 hours of one-on-one follow up consulting as a hygienist gets their practice launched. A “Forms and Promotional Materials” binder, which comes in hard copy plus CD formatting, is $500, and is included in the package cost. This binder includes all the forms a provider would need to start and operate a residential care practice, with contract templates, promotional materials, PowerPoint presentations, and letters and other correspondence with patients, families and facilities. The forms can be modified and customized with the provider's business name and contact information. Individual forms can be purchased for $50 each. All current Kindred Associates' forms have been legally reviewed.

The Smiles for Life Senior Center Program consulting package is also $1950, which includes the full-day intensive, 5 hours of follow up consulting, and the binder of forms, templates, PowerPoint presentations and promotional materials. Providers can customize these materials as needed. 

To enroll in either of these trainings a minimum of $500 down is required, with the balance carried on a no-interest contract, and payments of at least $250 per month.

If a hygienist intends to operate a diversified practice and provide services in any setting including residential facilities and senior centers, the total package of forms and consulting for all of these options is $3450. This includes two full-day intensives, 10 hours of consulting and two binders and CDs of all forms, templates and promotional materials, which can be customized by the provider. The down payment for both packages is $1000, with the same no-interest monthly payment contract. 

Hygienists who contract with Kindred Associates, PLLC to provide dental hygiene services to ElderCare DHS clients will be provided with all the forms and training needed to provide care to these clients, without rights to modify or otherwise use the forms or training for any other purposes. 

Consulting and Coaching

Consulting is available at any time for hygienists and other dental professionals interested in starting a community practice. My special area of expertise is with the care of older adults and people with special needs. If you are interested in working with children in school settings, I can refer to you my colleagues for assistance with developing school sealant programs. Consulting without taking the trainings generally costs $100 per hour.


Anita has been absolutely instrumental in providing set-up information and administrative templates that are otherwise almost impossible to come by. She is a treasure trove of practical, sensible advice, able to provide a rapid and intelligent assessment of each individual circumstance and always very prompt with concrete, detailed resources for any type of questions one might encounter in this line of work. I have been truly impressed by her level of professionalism, vision and leadership and I consider myself very lucky to have made her acquaintance!

Dr. Liana Groza
Spokane Sleep Apnea and Oral Systemic Dentistry

There is so much to learn. I don't see how any hygienist can succeed in starting a practice without this kind of training!

Sarah Luetke, RDH
Sound Dental Care, PLLC

Anita has been my Mentor through this process of starting my own business. Without her help it would have taken me years to accomplish what she already has done. I was up and running in three to four months.
Becky J Bly, RDH
Bly Dental Hygiene
Spokane, WA

Anita has inspired me for years! After observing her work in a facility, I knew it was the right move for me. The consulting time and forms save me so much time and gave me valuable information to start. I use many of the forms and just tweak them as I grow. It's nice not to have to reinvent all the forms. Her information and guidance is incredible. I feel fortunate to have her as my mentor. 

Jan Loder RDH
Healthy Pearls Dental Hygiene Service
Seattle, WA